Getting My Sh*t Together with Water & Caffeine Free Diet Coke


Sh*t tastes good

My office recently moved to a brand new space. I work at a university, and our student union finished major upgrades in January. We moved into our new space the last week of January. For the most part it’s been amazing. Our previous building is on the national historic register. It’s at least 100 years old, which means it has a significant amount of problems, bad odors, and air conditioning units that can’t keep up in these modern times.

Needless to say the new space is stink free, with new desks, furniture, and several initiatives to keep the office EPA friendly, green friendly, and the staff healthy. Even with all it’s amazing improvements and modern add-ons, there is a downside.

We are one level up from the food court.

We all said that we would have to be really conscious of bringing our own lunches or we’d gain weight really fast. Well, guess what?

I gained 10 pounds since moving into our new space. I no longer have to walk half a mile to my office and another half a mile to my car every day. Grabbing a soda and a snack is super easy because we have vending machines on each level of the building. The university bookstore and mini-mart are all easily accessible.

Because of the weight gain and eating bad food a lot of problems have come up. My restless leg syndrome (RLS) is totally out of hand. My skin is breaking out as if I’d entered puberty all over again. Overall I feel blech. I know exactly what I needed to do but am not looking forward to it.

But it’s time to grow up. I’m taking some first steps because it has to start slowly with me otherwise I’ll give up. Also, withdrawal headaches are a b*tch. Here’s my plan:

  1. Giving up caffeine! I didn’t think I would ever say that but there it is. I’ve done this before, so I know I can do it. It’s the headaches that kill me. (Follow up: For a few days those headaches were really bad, like Fight Club punched in the face hurting.)
  2. Drinking more water! I’ve done this before too. I gave up all other liquids and only drank water for a long time. Then I couldn’t sleep and I gave in to the soda again. Well, now I realize that there will always be times when I can’t sleep and the soda really doesn’t do anything to help me feel better. I just like the taste and the bubblies.
  3. Taking supplements! I’m taking a probiotic twice a day for good tummy health. I take a giant Biotin supplement (that also has the right amount of iron in it to help with my anemia) three times a day. Mid-day I take my vitamin B12 for overall goodness.

That’s where I’m starting. I’m Day 3 Week 2 (D3:W2?) without a caffeinated soda. The headaches aren’t too bad, more like a teeny bit of pressure that could also be allergies. Tylenol comes in handy. I started adding more water too. I picked a great time because my Work-BFF just started his water regimen again. We keep laughing about how many times we have to run to the bathroom to pee.

But it’s worth it. Already I’ve seen a decrease in the amount of RLS flare ups. My skin is so much better! Seriously, my face looks amazing compared to how it looked a week and a half ago. I feel good. Feeling good means I’m more creative, I’m less stressed. All good things. But I had to figure this out. No one could tell me this.

Maybe life does begin at 40.